A Story in Progress

After years of discombobulation and second-guessing, I am finally writing my long-overdue novel: Shadow in the Fire District.   

The two protagonists operate together as a conjoined unit, consistently synchronized in both trade and lifestyle. Seldom ever separated, they struggle to achieve individual balance and self-awareness as they face a variety of chaotic (and often harrowing) challenges presented by their path in life.

Through a series of baffling and sinister events encountered throughout their quest for higher understanding, they learn more about themselves and the surrounding universe than they ever could have predicted.

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While my own creative writing projects are unsurpassably near and dear to my heart, I also take time out of  my day to write for clients. If you visit my author site on Wordpress and browse through my samples, you can get an idea of how my other styles of writing sound.  

My experience in world-building with a blend of visual media and the written word has taught me how to craft a strong, solid foundation for just about any story you can imagine. If you need an author to help you develop your own ideas into a complete, polished piece, then let's talk

My Other Writing